Hypnotism and Hallucinations: Altered States of Consciousness

There are multiple states of consciousness we can enter into, beyond the most common states; awake and asleep. We can have hallucinations, become hypnotised and suffer effects of psychoactive drugs as well.

Hypnotism has been around for centuries. It is a trans-like state along with heightened concentration and focus, causing susceptibility to suggestion. It basically makes you very agreeable and naive.

Hallucinations can occur naturally, or be chemically induced, usually through psychoactive drugs. They can disturb perceptions, making us aware of things that are not real, most commonly through the use of hallucinogenic drugs. Hallucinations caused by neurological disturbances, a trauma or serious injury can also alter our state of consciousness.

This video explores these states of consciousness and the alternate states of our own realities.

From Crash Course: Psychology on YouTube presented by Hank Green