Organic Material Discovered on the Red Planet – Is There Life on Mars?

Is there life on Mars? Has there ever been? Could there ever be?

These are questions hoping to be answered by NASA and many other scientists around the globe and with the help of SAM (the sample analysis at Mars instrument suite) situated inside the curiosity rover, some interesting discoveries have been made.

SAM is one of the most complex chemical labs ever sent to Mars in a search for evidence of life. It has found some amazing compounds inside the Gale crate, suggesting it could be habitable environment that could potentially support life!

The surface of Mars was found to contain complex organic compounds, which as we know can be the building blocks for the origin of life! It also found Methane variations, which could also be a product of biological reactions and the fact that these increase and decrease show that Mars is an active environment that could have at some point, potentially supported a life system deep within the Gale crater!

With more interest in the surface of Mars and the possibility of life there, it is feasible we could have some concrete answers sooner than we thought!

James Carson graduated from the University of York with a degree in English and History and have a keen interested in both World Wars and popular science - particularly space.