Can Anything Travel Faster than the Speed of Light?

Can anything go faster than the speed of light? Many people seem to think so and this video explores an ingenious concept that could potentially make travel faster than the speed of light possible.

The speed of light is the ultimate speed in the universe. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity it is impossible for anything to move faster than this, why is that?

Photons are particles containing energy. They are ‘packets’ of light and therefore can only move at the speed of light. Since every known material to us is made up of elements made up of atoms which interact using photons, then how can anything move faster than light when the particles carrying the force to propagate movement are limited to the speed of light? In short, it can’t!

Science is advancing and there may be ways to move faster than the speed of light, maybe in a parallel universe with different laws of physics its possible, but, for now we’ll have to accept our fastest possible speed as 299,792,458 m/s or more commonly known as 3X108m/s which  is still pretty fast!