An Amazing Size Comparison of the Planets and 9 Stars

Source Star Size Comparison HD on YouTube.

How big is the sun? Relative to us on little Earth, it’s huge – with a radius of 695,800 km, it’s at least 1,000 times bigger. But how does the sun stack up to some of the mega fireballs in the galaxy?

It’s actually an averagely sized star – but it’s completely dwarfed by some giant stars. For instance, Rigel is nearly 10x larger again at 54,250,000 km radius. The largest known start – Vy Canis Majoris is 987,600,000 km in radius. If you were to fly a jumbo jet around it, it would take over 1,000 years to fly around once! It would probably need some extremely good heat proofing too.

James Carson graduated from the University of York with a degree in English and History and have a keen interested in both World Wars and popular science - particularly space.