The Birth of the Sun, Our Solar System and Earth

Continuing the history of life, the universe and everything, this video explores the birth of our sun, the formation of the planets and the development of Earth.

The formation of our solar system occurred approximately 4.567 billion years ago. Our sun is most likely a ‘second generation’ star, meaning it was formed from two colliding stars and contains other elements  rather than only hydrogen and helium. When our sun formed, its immense gravitational pull sucked in 99.99% of all the matter in the solar system. The solar system we observe today  is the remaining 0.01% that wasn’t eaten by the sun.

Over 100,000 years in a state of ‘solar nebula’ the pressure increased inside the sun enough to cause it to ignite and  begin providing energy for the solar system.

Collisions between the outlying matter eventually created the celestial bodies we now recognize as planets. During the period that followed, the Earth  was in a state of tremendous change, eventually achieving the ‘Goldilocks’ conditions required for the sustenance of life.

From Crash Course: Big History on YouTube presented by Hank and John Green.