Chemical Reaction Looks Like a Monster Coming Out of Hell!

Chemical reactions produce all sorts of exciting products and are always fun to do. But the chemical reaction you get when Mercury (11) thiocynate starts to decompose is so weird it looks like there is a creature emerging from hell under the ground!

The decomposition of mercury (11) thiocynate is triggered by heat, so this video shows a line of powder being set on for. Within seconds it transforms, taking on a weird shape that genuinely looks like it is rising from the depths of hell!

The powder turns to a weird foamy creature-like substance, that expands fast accompanied by a popping or clicking noise that could easily be mistaken for belonging to a weird creature! It looks and acts like an alien being, or one straight from hell but thankfully we know it’s just the product of another awesome chemical reaction.

James Carson graduated from the University of York with a degree in English and History and have a keen interested in both World Wars and popular science - particularly space.