What’s Happening to Biodiversity?

Biodiversity Infographic

[source: World Bank]

Biodiversity is crucial to planet Earth, it provides medicines, foods and is a basis for many rural industries as well as being a good indicator of the health of the planet.

The biodiversity of our planet is threatened in several ways, here are three of the main culprits:

  1. Over-exploitation of natural resources
  2. Black market activities
  3. Invasive species

The Canadians have already felt the effects of over-exploitation, their cod fishing industry collapsed in the early 1990’s costing both jobs and money.

But there are a few rays of hope, governments, businesses and international organisations such as the United Nations are waking up to the idea that biodiversity is part of their responsibility. Spending has increased dramatically and slowly but surely, the number of protected and sustainably managed areas around the world is on the increase.

At the moment the percentages are very low, however, it is a positive start.

Taught science for 16 years at a secondary school in the East Midlands.