Why Does Deforestation Matter?

Deforestation infographic.

Deforestation of planet Earth comes in several forms, none of which are natural. Commercial agriculture and subsistence farming account for over half of the deforestation occuring at the present time.

But why does deforestation matter?

When you consider that forests regulate our atmoshere including adding oxygen to the air and removing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide; they stabilise soils against rainfall which would otherwise just be washed away leaving only bare rocks; they help to protect against desertification by stimulating rainfall and they provide animals and plants with their habitats, you begin to see why. Then there are the direct benefits to the human race providing almost 1/3rd of the World’s population with food, fresh water, clothing, medicines and shelter.

Since the 1950’s, deforestation has been more severe than at any other time in human history. Numerous species are now extinct, biodiversity is suffering and many areas of the world are now experiencing less rainfall, yet it still continues at a rate of between 46 to 58 million square miles each year.

Infographic from distancelearning.com.

Taught science for 16 years at a secondary school in the East Midlands.