The Muscular System Explained in 13 Minutes

While it’s true we wouldn’t be able to move without our skeletal systems, it is our muscular system that enables that movement. It is another complex yet perfectly structured system allowing us to live life to the full and it wouldn’t be able to work without that perfectly designed molecule, ATP.

There are three different types of muscle comprising our muscular system. Cardiac muscle is found only in  the heart and nowhere else in the body. Smooth muscle is responsible for most of our involuntary actions such as blood flow or digestion. Skeletal muscles are the most common, in fact you have 640 just in  your body.

Skeletal muscles connect to  bones via tendons and can do two things; contract and relax. Through the movement of these muscles we can shiver to stay warm, run jump and write the answers to that biology test perfectly.

From Crash Course: Biology on YouTube presented by Hank Green.