Superbugs: How We’re Making Bacteria Stronger Through Antibiotics

Superbugs infographic

We’ve all heard of these crazy antibiotic resistant superbugs, but is it all hype? Or are bacteria getting stronger? How did this happen and should we be as scared as the media tells us to be?

Superbugs form when some bacteria survive the course of antibiotics and multiply into a ‘superbug’ which is stronger and resistant to antibiotics. This gets worse over time, shortly after the common antibiotic Methicillin was invented, MRSA appeared and has grown stronger and more antibiotic resistant ever since, with a rise of 61% in associated Staphylococcus infection occurring between 1974 and 2007!

Every day 190 million doses of antibiotics are administered in hospitals and each year 133 million courses are prescribed outside hospitals. Half of these are completely unnecessary!

So how do we stop these superbugs killing us all? Simple, we stop overusing, mis-prescribing and misusing antibiotics! So when you feel a chest infection or ear ache, give it a couple of days before rushing to the doctors and if you have antibiotics, ALWAYS complete the FULL COURSE! Wash your hands, eat healthier and try that daily probiotic, it really does help!

James Carson graduated from the University of York with a degree in English and History and have a keen interested in both World Wars and popular science - particularly space.