How to Build a Human

It takes an awful lot to build a human and involves 42 weeks of work, not to mention the 18+ years looking after it once it’s been built!

It takes just over a week to complete implantation but after only 3, important organs such as guts are already forming! After 9 weeks, there is sex differentiation and even eyelids start to appear and after 24 of the 42 week long process, any human currently being built has over 50% chance of surviving if born at any  point onwards. So if you’re in a rush, it could be ok to finish a bit early.

Building a human is one of the trickiest tricks nature has to perform but thankfully, all we humans have to do is have sex for it to happen!

James Carson graduated from the University of York with a degree in English and History and have a keen interested in both World Wars and popular science - particularly space.