3 Graphs That Show the Shocking Price Paid by Poland in the Holocaust

As the Nazis advanced across Europe seizing more and more territory the Holocaust came to affect people from across the continent. As Jews were the main targets of the persecution, countries with large Jewish populations, like Poland, suffered the worst of the massacres.

Additionally, Jews in Eastern Europe were more vulnerable because they tended to be poorer and less integrated than westerners. Even so, western Jews’ ability to blend in was no guarantee of safety and thousands were murdered in death camps miles from their homes.

Holocaust Deaths by Country (excluding USSR and Poland)

The Holocaust’s reach stretched all the way from the western-most point of France well into the Russia in the east. In total, citizens of 15 different countries died in the genocide, often in camps in Poland or eastern Germany but also in more local massacres at the hands of their own countrymen who had joined with the invaders.

Holocaust Deaths by Country

Poland and the USSR were the most badly affected and their populations accounted for around two thirds of all Holocaust victims together and around half in Poland alone.

The 4 Worst-Affected Countries

The Nazi focus on the war in the East, combined with a high Jewish population there led to a concentration of killing in the region. Of those killed, a little over 80% came from only 4 of the 15 nations affected; Poland, USSR, Hungary and Romania.

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