Infographic Video Smashes Home the Shocking Losses of World War Two

One of the best history visualisations I’ve ever seen: The Fallen of World War Two. This 15 minute video by Neil Halloran tells the story of the horrendous losses in history’s bloodiest war. The video is split into three parts – the military deaths, civilian deaths (including the Holocaust) and finally providing a perspective of World War Two in how it compares to other wars in history.

The incredible sacrifice of the Soviet Union becomes apparent about 6 minutes into the video. Compared to all other nations, their death toll graph just keeps growing… and growing – almost as if the video is stuck on a loop. Its quite amazing how much data is fitted into 15 minutes while beautifully narrated and animated. A touching tribute for the 70th anniversary of the end of the war. You may also be interested in our comparison of Holocaust deaths by country.

James Carson graduated from the University of York with a degree in English and History and have a keen interested in both World Wars and popular science - particularly space.

  • Talesin

    Excellent presentation sir.

  • Erwin Sell

    this video is all wrong ,where in hell is all Chinese military and civilian casualties that cause more than 70% of Japanese casualties. Korean soldiers and civilian died in more 200 000 fighting with Japanese. Japanese army had lost 1 million soldiers already in china from 1938 till January 1942.

    Also over 350 000 Rumanian and polish died fighting from late 1943 till 1945 in the soviet side under actual soviet command but with complete Rumanian and polish staff and uniforms /army . Here polish are portrait as under occupied casualties only and Rumanian under axis casualties army only. Italian pro allies forces lost 46 000 death man from late 1943-1945.Fighting alongside the British and Americans against Germans and even against few fascist Italian units.

    Most France casualties after 1940 campaign were after 1942 fighting in the allied side in north Africa, Italy and western Europe. Not in occupation time neither in France
    Call Yugoslavian military casualties all those killing under Tito and many other partisan clandestine action is not accurate as more than half were not soldiers, neither uniformed ,not recognized under any nation .If that would be the case then you need to add all soviet/Russian partisan clandestine fighter (over 1 million death) to the Russian army toll and same in France,Poland,Greece and others.
    Britain lost close to 700 million if counting to the colonial forces and Canada Australia,NZ,S Africa .HERE YOU ONLY SHOW their casualties in Europe.

    When referring to Stalingrad battle the 500 000 German death is all wrong ,the entire 6th army from September 1942 till February 1943 used not more than 359 000 soldiers. The two German smaller armies called to release the encirclement employed less than 150 000.So that number is all inflated or combining the Rumania, Italian, Bulgarian armies casualties fighting alongside the 6th army that were about 300 000 more Axis involved .

    German who fought in Stalingrad, none were SS ,so call then Nazis is giving a political name to an standard German regular army. Same way the AK=AFRIKA KORPS is never call Nazi Romel’s army .

    The 8.7 Russian death is all a later pure diminish propaganda no even recognized by many Russian historian that concluded it was above 15 million Russian military death will about 10.5-11 million in action, rest of all causes. Same way US do not recognized 23 654 missing US American soldiers,marines,sailors in the casualties-death official report report but may be they still waiting to show up one day.

    This is perfect 2nd grade non accurate at all bad done report of reality of WW2 casualties.

    • Justin R. Dansereau

      Can you provide sources, and specific examples (time in the video) where he got the numbers wrong?

      If not, than shut your damn mouth and learn some spelling and grammer dipshit. What have you contributed?