10 Strange Photos of Adolf Hitler Practising His Exuberent Speeches

No matter how you look at it, Adolf Hitler was a great public speaker, and he subsequently managed to capture the imagination of the German public. But you don’t just ‘become’ a great public speaker by walking onstage – by the time he rose to power in 1933, he had spoken at hundreds of public events.

This series of photos show him posing for Heinrich Hoffman, while listening to recordings of his own speeches in 1925. Hitler’s later exuberant style, seen in numerous films of his rise to power, clearly matches some of this practise work.

Adolf-Hitler-Posing-to-a-Recording-of-His-Own-Speeches,-1925-2 Adolf-Hitler-Posing-to-a-Recording-of-His-Own-Speeches-1925-1 Adolf-Hitler-Posing-to-a-Recording-of-His-Own-Speeches-1925-3 adolf-hitler-speeches-1925 adolf-hitler-weird-poses-of-speeches adolt-hitler-posing-photographs-1925 hitler-photographing-posing-weird-1925 adolf-hitler-pose-1925-10 adolf-hitler-posing-1925 adolf-hitler-posing-speech-1925

James Carson graduated from the University of York with a degree in English and History and have a keen interested in both World Wars and popular science - particularly space.