14 World War One Paintings and Lithographs by Eric Kennington

Eric Henri Kennington (12 March 1888 – 13 April 1960) was a painter, sculptor and illustrator who worked as an official war artist in both world wars. He was born in Chelsea in London and in 1914 joined the 13th (Kensington) Battalion London Regiment.

In June 1915 he was discharged as unfit following an injury. While recovering from his wounds he produced the widely praised The Kensingtons at Laventie, Winter 1914. Painted in reverse on glass the work depicted Kennington and some of his fellow soldiers. By 1917 he had been commissioned as an official war artist alongside other notable artists of the war like John and Paul Nash having already returned in an unofficial capacity to the Somme in 1916.

You can see most of these works and more by Eric Kennington at Truth and Memory British Art of the First World War at the Imperial War Museum London.

1. The Kensingtons at Laventie, Winter 1914 (1915)


2. A Lean-to (1918)


3. The Conquerors (1916)


4. Raider with a Cosh (1917)


5. Muttar il Hamoud min Beni Hass (1920)


6. Making Soldiers: Ready for Service (1917)


7. Making Soldiers: Over the Top (1917)


8. Making Soldiers: Gas Masks (1917)


9. Making Soldiers: In the Trenches (1917)


10. Making Soldiers: Being Prisoners (1917)


11. Making Soldiers: Practicing with Bayonets


 12. A Gas a Patient (1918)


13. Signaler Off Duty (1916)


14. Gassed and Wounded (1918)


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