World War One: How It Changed the World and War

This video is part of Crash Course World History, written by Raoul Meyer and Teva Vidal, and presented by John Green.

In this instalment we briefly examine some of the major effects of the First World War:

–An account of the snowballing of involvement of all European countries in a conflict between Serbia and Austria.

–Germany’s Schlieffen Plan and how it exacerbated the situation, bringing in Britain and its allies.

The horror of the war itself, including shelling, the use of machine guns to mow people down like crops, and the fear and misery of the trenches

–The massive loss of life, and the ultimate pointlessness of the war; how it paved the way for World War II with the punitive actions towards Germany sanctioned in the Treaty of Versailles

–How it transformed society, led directly to the Russian Revolution and triggered a culture of cynicism and darkness in literature and visual arts

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