Terrorist Or Hero? Bosnian Serbs unveil statue to 'hero' Gavrilo Princip: Video

Although he is widely considered to have triggered the the First World War by assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Gavrilo Princip is still held as a hero by many Bosnian Serbs.

On the centenary of the assassination Davor Koric, grandson of a member of Young Bosnia member (a group of which Princip was also a member) spoke at the unveiling of a statue of Princip. Hoping to rescue the young nationalists’ reputation, and repudiate the label ‘terrorist’, he said:

At that time the cult of attacks existed as much as the cult of sacrifice and these people wanted to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of future generations. So one can’t talk of terriorism as it is defined nowadays, of course every assassination is an abhorrent act, but this was a sort of protest, an act of heroism

Alex Browne studied History at Kings College London and is an Assistant Editor at Made From History. He specializes in post-war history in the USA and Central America.