6 of London’s Most Famous Historical Figures Get the Statue Selfie Treatment

What’s the single biggest media trend in the world right now? If you’re the owner of a smartphone, then it’s probably the selfie – largely because of the number of applications that allow you to publish your shots straight away – and possibly a lot to do with modern day narcissism. The Guardian has gone so far as to debate ‘The death of photography.’ Steady on – more people are taking photos than ever before!

Of course, the heroes of yesteryear didn’t have the tools for selfies. Barack Obama has been known to pose for a few, but what about libertarian philosopher John Stewart Mill, who sits quietly on a pedestal at London Embankment? We thought we’d find some of the finest statues of the finest people ever and give them a modern twist. Here are six historical selfies.

1. Nelson Mandela

2. William Booth

A British Methodist preacher and founder of the Salvation Army. The recently deceased ex-President of post-apartheid South Africa, the leader of the liberation movement and a global icon.

3. John Wesley

An 18th-century Anglican theologian who, along with his brother Charles Wesley and cleric George Whitefield, is credited with founding the evangelical Methodist movement.

4. John Stewart Mill

John Stewart Mill #statueselfie

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A British philosopher, political economist and civil servant who has been called ‘the most influential English-speaking philosopher of the 19th century.’ He put forward the conception of liberty justified as freedom of the individual in opposition to unlimited state control.

5. St George

Cavalry of the Empire #statueselfie

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To commemorate the cavalry of the British Empire this statue was erected in Hyde Park of St George slaying the dragon.

6. John Donne

An English cleric and devotional poet of the 16th century whose work extended into satire and erotica.

Has the selfie craze gone too far? Let us know in the comments.

Alex Browne studied History at Kings College London and is an Assistant Editor at Made From History. He specializes in post-war history in the USA and Central America.