25 of the Greatest Traitors in History

This video lists 25 acts of betrayal and those who carried them out. Motives range from religious – including Judas Iscariot and Guy Fawkes – through possibly political – for example, William Siebold – to simply the desire for money or power – such as Mir Jafar. Also featured is famous British traitor Harold Cole, who helped build the French Resistance in World War II, only to sell its secrets, and more, to the Nazis.

They are taken from nations as far apart as Norway (Vidkund Quisling) and Mexico (Doña Marina) and periods from 480 BCE (Ephialtes of Trachis) to 1994 (Aldrich Ames).

It is easy to see how the course of history would have been different without the actions of these people.

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