6 Important Events in Understanding the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Understanding the long enmity between Israel and Palestine can be complicated but knowing about these 6 events will do a lot to put their relationship today into some wider context. All of the events mentioned in this list are explored in depth elsewhere on the site.

1.  Invasion of Lebanon


In 1982 Israel began a large scale operation to remove the PLO from Lebanon from where they had been attacking Israel since 1978. Read more here about the invasion of Lebanon.

2. First Palestinian Intifada


In 1987 Palestinians in Israel began to protest their marginalized position and agitated for national independence. The following year Yasser Arafat declared the existence of an independent Palestinian state. Read more here about the First Palestinian Infitada.

3. Oslo Accords


In 1993 Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin took steps toward peace between their two countries mediated by Bill Clinton. Read more here about the Oslo Accords.

4. Second Palestinian Intifada


Following Ariel Sharon’s visit to Temple Mount violence broke out across Israel and Palestine with atrocities committed on both sides. Read more here about the Second Palestinian Infitada.

5. Lebanon War Against Hezbollah


From 12 July 2006 Israel conducted a war against Lebanese paramilitary group Hezbollah. Read more here about the 2006 Lebanon War.

6. Conflict with Hamas

The Hamas party flag.

Israel, among other countries, designated Hamas as a terrorist organisation, however the organisation is increasingly prominent in Palestine leading to gradual changes both within Hamas itself and in the way other countries and organisations approach it.Read more here about Israel’s conflict with Hamas.

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