A Critical View on the Viability of the State of Palestine

It is an important but rarely pondered question – how viable would an independent, unoccupied Palestinian state be? Could it support a dense, poor and divided population?

The consensus is on the side of a two-state solution however that many manifest, but some will argue that even if that is the morally necessary solution it is flawed enfant.

This infographic has been compiled with the explicit intention of undermining the notion of a viable, independent Palestinian state.


Alex Browne studied History at Kings College London and is an Assistant Editor at Made From History. He specializes in post-war history in the USA and Central America.

  • Aer O’Head

    What a load of crap. Would Palestine be like this if not for the longest occupation and oppression of an entire people in modern history? Whoever “compiled” this should be ashamed. Very ashamed. It’s as if to blame the Palestinians for what has been done to them in the name of Zionism for the past 70 years. SHAME ON YOU!