The Birth of Christianity: Jesus and the Roman Empire

Jesus was born into the tribe of Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel, in Judaea, then part of the Roman Empire. The Jews believed in one god, and that a ‘messiah’ would come, as prophesied, to save the world.

Jesus (one of many spiritual teachers of the time) and Emperor Augustus were both called ‘son of god’ and saviour of the world. The big difference was that Augustus was wealthy and the most powerful man in the Roman Empire. Jesus was a homeless vagrant.

Why did belief in Jesus as divine saviour endure?

The Romans treated the Jews terribly and expelled them from Judea. The Jews made Christianity open to all. A common language facilitated its spread.

Christianity favoured the poor, who have always outnumbered the rich. Eventually, the Roman Emperor Constantine supported it, becoming Christian himself and dynamically spreading the religion.

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  • Rowan Walters

    With respect, it’s completely wrong to speak of Jesus Christ is historical terms considering there is no evidence that such a man ever existed.
    The only “evidence” is testimony which is highly suspect due to the fact that it originates with religious fanatics and the only non-religious sources (such as Josephus’ ludicrously improbable “Testimonium” and a few other other brief references in primary sources which are obviously alterations or insertions not present in the originals) are of questionable authenticity, especially considering that these documents were in the possession of religious fanatics.
    If Jesus did exist and perform all the miracles alleged, he ought to at least be as well-documented by contemporary sources as Apollonius of Tyana.

  • Debra Macleod

    What a profoundly ignorant and biased video on the rise of Christianity. No mention of the forced conversions? No mention of the widespread destruction of Classical culture? No mention of the property seizures, religious intolerance and brutal criminalization of the pagan traditions? From a historical perspective, this is pure garbage and I’m really disappointed it’s been posted on this site.