The Seven Years War: The First Global War?

The Seven Years War was about trade. The chief combatants were Britain and France and it lasted from 1756 to 1763. Prussia and Austria were also involved; and much of the fighting took place in North America, where Britain wanted to expand. George Washington fought in a colonial militia. In Canada, Britain captured Quebec.

The conflict also raged in Africa as well as India, where the British East India Company, under Robert Clive, was very successful. Clive was a good strategist and his military skill and efforts to foment revolution enabled Britain to take control of India.

1,000,000 combatants died in this war, and many more civilians as a result of pillaging. It increased Britain’s national debt from £75,000,000 to £133,000,000; but it may have paved the way for a greater British Empire.

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