25 Notorious Outlaws of America’s Wild West

This video lists 25 of the best known and most remarkable outlaws of the ‘Wild West’ in 19th-century America, where the life of the cowboy was predominant.

It gives their aliases and their real names, where this applies. There is information about how each embarked on a career of lawlessness and violence, and in most cases, when and how they died.

There are men who were soldiers, such as James Averill, who seems to have been a victim of persecution by the powerful cattle barons, unjustly branded an outlaw. There are regular churchgoers, such as James Miller, who was also a killer for hire. There are Native Americans, such as Fred Waite, who eventually became a prominent Chickasaw politician. There is even a woman, Canadian Pearl Hart, who turned to robbery after her abusive husband abandoned her. There are also famous outlaws such as The Wild Bunch and Jesse James.

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